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Situation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Manado

Manado is one of the tourist cities in Indonesia. Exotic islands that make the tourists in the country and abroad flocked to enjoy the natural beauty of Manado owned.

However, it is common knowledge to people that women Manado Manado is a "salable commodity" outside the region as well as for the newcomers. With the state of the tourists who like this will only lead to more open access to commercially sexually exploit children.
Specifically to the city of Manado can be revealed that this region is an area that has been the area of origin, transit and destination for trafficking. Manado city by migrants outside always provide feedback and suggest that this region has a characteristic and uniqueness that makes any newcomer feel amazed, because the people of Manado has properties that are very friendly and open. But behind it all there are many immigrants who come to Manado only for the purpose of sex tourism. By naked eyes we can see the youth association in the city of Manado dusk till dawn which was very alarming. Many means of entertainment Pub, Disco, Karaoke in Manado has fueled the youth to enjoy the entertainment facilities. In fact many are certain elements that utilize age children and adolescents to be wooed and coaxed and adults are invited into the environment that can change the mindset of children and youth to turn towards the truth is still not feasible.
Cause these kids is caught CSEC motivation to look for money in terms of income due to dropping out of school; additional income and for the interaction between friends. The tendency of the victims when interviewed made clear that all of them do not live at home and just boarding, because they generally are migrants from outside the school and college Manado in Manado. The main reason is due to economic factors, but in fact the tendency of city lifestyle has influenced the victim to want the money pretty much, so they can be together with her other friends to get entertained by watching or visiting discotheques. Was originated from the desire to come and go to places of entertainment they are able to become acquainted with many people, especially men who have ensnared unwittingly them to become victims of CSEC.
Judging from the background of the age of the victim turns 18 years old this case dominated by the percentage of 50% of all cases, however, the age of 17 years is quite a lot with the percentage of 36%. But it turns out that very young age that it was 15 years and 16% at 2 years of 12% already there who are victims of CSEC.

When viewed from the educational backgrounds of most of the victims turned out to victims of CSEC, 62% had high school, and each student and junior high as 16%, while no longer in school by 6%.

Problems of early marriage, which is assumed to also affect a person trapped in CSEC is not found in this case. All of the victims are those who have never been married. In a very early age most of them are still undergoing school and college. For those who are not in school anymore motivation that there are likely more in an attempt to get money.
Cultural stereotype that has been providing the people of Manado encourage outsiders to come to Manado only in order to enjoy sex tourism to be promoted covertly by the manager of the hotel, lodging and entertainment venues.

The modus operandi of the perpetrators was to "ensnare" the children are victims of CSEC in Mando is as follows:

• The role of taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi in the city of Manado big enough to be a "broker" in the business of CSEC. The taxi drivers and taxis generally have known residence of the victim, because the taxi drivers and taxis often wait or "hung" around entertainment areas and the hotel until late at night between the hours of 01:00 until 02:30, so the frequency is high enough to meet.
When they are in place and pub entertainment, general entertainment and pub owners already know and know well the victims, so that the "supervisor" or "pimp" or "GM" is ready to be a "broker" in a transaction with the victim. They generally have separate names in entertainment everywhere they go, and the name will be different if they were in other places of entertainment. Because the perpetrators of CSEC every month they will move where, but the location of the transaction is often used as a way boulevard surrounding area.
Besides that, for hotel managers in the city of Manado honestly have a list and addresses of the perpetrators of CSEC are kept private and confidential, so if in the future they need actors for entertainment customers, it will be immediately available perpetrators dihubungi.Kecenderungan through the data are usually 78% of their activity after carrying out transactions in the hotel in the city of Manado and 14% in place of lodging. According to them, those who get the advantage of "broker" in the entertainment venues and pubs, taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi. For general motorcycle taxi drivers and they ask for a tip of the actors, and even some who claim to get a "bonus" if the sex offender is able to give customers a good enough reward.

Following up on the law on human trafficking crime number 21 of 2007 which followed up with the publication of Regulation Manado City level on Protection of Children from Commercial Sexual Exploitation, seeking a unified policy on the prevention of trafficking and the trafficking of minors for commercial sexual purposes across district / city ​​in North Sulawesi, Minahasa especially with trade suppliers who have indicated to the city of Manado. Attempted to conduct anti-trafficking program involving school-age children ranging from junior high through high school.

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