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Tourist areas are worth a visit on the island of Lombok

Where your goal, if you have the opportunity to visit the island of Lombok? If you do not have a definite goal, according to a friend who lives in the town of Mataram, to have a period of 2 (two) days can visit all the tourist areas in Lombok, of course minus the Rinjani mountain climbing or stay on the island of Gili Trawangan.

Below I will present some areas that are well worth a visit (although I have not had time to visit all of them), according to tourism brochure that I got from my hotel:

1. Suranadi. Here there are hotels complete with heated swimming pool and tennis court. There is also the oldest Hindu temple, located 17 km if the ride vehicle from Mataram city.

2. Lingsar. Temples with sacred fish in the pond, the location of 9 km by driving from the city of Mataram.

3. Narmada. Lombok Botanical Gardens, with a swimming pool, and there are Hindu temples are often used for Hindu worship, location 12 km by road from the city of Mataram.

Towards sunset at Pura Batu Bolong, Lombokmatahari-buried-in-stone-temple-bolong.jpg

4. Batu Bolong. There is a temple upon a rock that juts into the sea, if the weather is sunny and could see Mount Agung in Bali, and nice to see the scenery at sunset. Location 8 km by road from the city of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon of fabric (can be rented on site), fitted waist. The view here is magnificent, the sea broke through the rock between the holes, making a sound gemerosak. Unfortunately when I came here, the weather is still cloudy after it rains, but the scenery is beautiful. The sun peeking between clouds, and the light reflected off the falling water.


Mostly before sunset at Senggigi beach

5. Senggigi. Natural white sandy beaches are clean, surrounded by hotels, guesthouses and bungalows. Very beautiful, especially if time is sunrise and sunset. Location 10 km by road from the city of Mataram. Many souvenir hawkers on the beach, a freshwater cultured pearl colored, ranging from the price Rp.25.000, - Also vendors shirt that read Lombok and Senggigi, Lombok and distinctive engraving on wood, can be a place of fruit, masks and others.

6. Sire Beach. Marine parks with exotic coral and fish swimming to and fro. Located 36 km by road from the city of Mataram.

7. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Lombok Island in northern heaven, surrounded by marine park. Here many people diving or surfing. On the island, there are many hotels and inns, so they can stay here, the beach is still the original. To reach this location can use a motor boat.

8. Sukarare. The village where the weave, here if you want to buy the traditional woven cloth Lombok, as well as see how the weavers do the job. Location 25 km by road from the city of Mataram.

9. Rambitan / Sade. The original village of Lombok, Sasak tribe with traditional houses, location 50 km by road from the city of Mataram.

10. Kuta / Tanjung Aan. Mandalika beach with sparkling lights, where we could swim, there is a hotel and restaurant. Every year there is a celebration caught / saw Nyale fish, location 56 km by road from the city of Mataram.

11. Mataram. Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. While Ampenan an old port city (now moved to Sheet). City Ampenan distinctively ancient architecture, which when cleaned and cared for properly, will be a popular tourist destination. In the city of Mataram (which has become an integral part of cities and towns Ampenan Cakranegara) culinary tour we can, by eating foods that Lombok is his trademark spicy. In Jakarta we often see Taliwang restaurant, which turned out to Taliwang is the name of a region, which was initially a lot of food vendors in the area is typical of Lombok. Lombok typical food, among others: Plecing kale, chicken plecingan, the range chicken (spicy chicken marinade once), sambal beberok. Plecing proved to be the name of the dish, so it is known that given the spinach dishes / cooked flavor plecing, plecing cooked chicken (spicy flavored chicken, silenced, baked / fried, then given more spicy). Beberok sauce is a sauce made from purple eggplant slices, sliced ​​onions, sliced ​​tomatoes and peppers, served with other traditional foods Lombok. Typical drink is coconut honey, made up of young head water and young coconut shreded-shredded and given honey. To buy souvenirs typical woven cloth Lombok, can Cilinaya Shopping Centre.

12. Cakranegara. Is a business city, there are agricultural markets, bird markets, and springs Mayura and Meru temple, the largest temple in Lombok. Cakranegara reputedly was once a former kingdom, but the former kingdom (the site) is not recognizable. If you want a gift of food, it can buy fried chicken legs, salted eggs and a variety of sweets from seaweed.

Note: A trip to the city of Mataram, can be reached by planes from Jakarta. Mileage 4 hours if transit in Yogya or Surabaya, but when direct (Garuda flight from The Lombok International Airport morning) only to within 1 hour 33 minutes.

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