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Lombok, the beautiful little island just throw the boat from Bali. The place I was born, a place famous for its beautiful beaches besides also famous for its spiciness cooking. Who is not familiar with spicy dried chillies are dried in an oven Lombok became nan food ingredients Taliwang spicy chicken and spinach pelecing. Popularity Taliwang chicken and spinach pelecing as "obscure" the culinary riches of others on the island of Lombok. One of my favorite is the satay AMPET. Sate AMPET actually very easy to find throughout the city of Mataram. Many peddled around to surrounding housing, by using the "basket" contains dozens of ato hundreds skewer complete with bakarannya and belayak. "Basket" is carried on the head. Usually the seller also complement pelecing wares with kale. Belayak Lombok Island is typical rice cake wrapped in banana leaves but not with palm leaves (leaf). Stud me to satay skewers AMPET is a collection of vendors in tourist areas AMPET Suranadi. Suranadi first is his Ground Mataram. It is not too far from the city of Mataram makes it one of the favorite places to "escape" from work fatigue. Back when I was a kid, the air in this place feel very cold. But now it was hot during the day, although the flow of the river flowing there still feels very cold .. nyesss .. Mothers AMPET satay vendors here are consistently using the "basket" on merchandise even though they no longer need to walk around to peddle his wares. Thanks to the government that has built a comfortable place for them hawker selling here. In the surrounding merchants AMPET satay can also be easily found by the typical food vendors Suranadi. As different types of lunkhead jackfruit lunkhead to lunkhead Sarikaya .. essentially complete .. Back to satay AMPET. Sate AMPET according to my observations have an equal level with sate kere in Jogjakarta. Sate is made of the rest of the rest of the meat (not meat the former .. but the remaining pieces of meat) which are then processed with a good ... so so delicious meal. Either cuman three, satay bowel (intestine usually beef), beef or mixed. The meat was cut into small thin tend to speed up the ripening process. Jerohannya quality was not playing games, intestine that had been cleaned and cut into small portions then ditusuki easy to eat .. very tempting. Process is simple, select your satay then the seller will burn it to suit our tastes like dry or just until cooked alone. Then be washed down with a spice satay skewers AMPET are actually similar to chicken seasoning Taliwang just use coconut milk in more servings a distinguishing. How to eat it too simple, does not need a spoon or fork. Take belayak, open the wrapping part and then with the hand holding the belayak still wrapped, belayak "dicolekkan" into satay seasoning, and "hap" belayak are already "covered" spice eaten with satay skewers accompanied piece. Or it could be used in other ways, then cut open the entire belayak little small with a skewer and "Throw" in a "puddle" satay seasoning then one by one small piece belayak stabbed and eaten with the help of a skewer .... It was so delicious? Of course spicy. Seasoning orange provocative enough to describe it. Feels so trail coconut and pecans in this satay spices, belayak which tend to be "tasteless" to be the perfect companion for this spice. Whether dry or sweet tender meat of your choice any soft intestinal satay can definitely steal your heart .... Delicious ... Still in around Suranadi, there is a restaurant that has existed ever since I can remember. Eating is the name of the restaurant Suranadi. The concept of the family meal was very comfortable. We can choose to sit in a restaurant or at Saung Saung which is in the eating. The atmosphere is very family, sit down "leyeh-leyeh" at Saung under the rambutan tree while waiting for the food itself was a delight. The quality of the food, of course the quality of champions. Cooking menu had not changed since I first came here. The food at the messages in the set menu. 1 set can feed about 3-5 people depending on the capacity of the stomach and the level of "kegembulan". Each set adequately describe the diversity of food typical of Lombok Island. Each set consists of pelecing kale, glutton chicken, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, soup and chili. We can order extra fried fish or grilled fish are delicious at this place. Fried chicken do not play play. Clear chicken flavored chicken fried chicken and then fried to a dry plain. But in this simplicity lies its strength. Chicken savory salty delight. If ati ampelanya until there must always be a bone of contention for me and my brothers when I was little. Champion for me is chicken glutton. Chicken that "disuwir" little smaller then cooked in a spicy seasoning bersantan then topped with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was spicy but not too spicy with caresses fresh coconut milk and lime kick at the end made my childhood was "brave" chicken eating glutton. ... Very impressive ... Pelecingnya? should not be asked. Pelecing kale at home with all the "kelombokannya". Watercress mataram jumbo-sized, long beans, and bean sprouts in give "stack" coconut sambal, fitted pea sauce then washed pelecing already famous ... outstanding spiciness .. klo we eat by hand do not forget to wash your hands with soap and clean clean. If not, trace the smell of hot chilli and shrimp paste will continue to "haunt" us for the next few hours. The food is just for the chili and bellied be "bold" but once we fell in love

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