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Visit Brasil 2014

Brazil is a country with a lot of bearing the Great Soccer Players, And in Brazil to Host 2014 World Cup.
For that Brazil will be the center of world attention.
Besides, you can enjoy all the exotic tours there.
Here are the attractions and sights that you can make goals when it traveled to Brazil, as reviewed by FoxNews:

The beach in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, offering some of the most stunning beaches in the world, and worthy to be your destination. Go to Copabana, Ipanema, Leblon, or Vermelha Praia is located at the foot of the mountain if you want to stay in the city. Meanwhile, to get a more quiet atmosphere of the beach, you can go to visit the west coast sebalah Barra da Tijuca Beach and Recreio.
Prainha is a beach that is right for you make surfing spots. A secluded beach called Grumari who clustered around the nature reserve can also be your destination.

Parque Large and Famous Statue

Located approximately half a mile from the Botanico or botanical gardens, Parque Lage had more charm than its neighbors. This place is like a botanical garden with extensive green space stretching from the foot of Mount Corcovado. In this place also was standing very famous statue of the Statue of Christ.
In addition to the statue, another icon is the main attraction of this place is an old house and a cafe offering delicious food. In this place, you can walk around enjoying the scenery.
For approached the famous statue of Christ, you are required to pay a sum of money. Besides Parque Lage, you can visit the Parque Nacional da Tijuca is a Brazilian national park which covers 10,000 hectares ..

History of Rio de Janeiro

When Brazil had just won its independence, Rio de Janeiro was once a royal seat. The city's past can be seen from the cobbled streets in the city center.
You can see Paco Imperial or Royal Palace is the home where the Portuguese royal family once lived. In addition, you can visit the Biblioteca Nacional or National Library. In the library, you will find a wide collection of books that have been around since 1810.
Municipal Theatre is also one of the historic places in Brazil. The building is made of granite, marble, and bronze, with models of buildings like Paris opera house.
Building with other Portuguese architectural style that you should not miss, is Rua do Ouvidor and Rua do Rosario. In Rio de Janeiro was the cultural center there are three places you must visit, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Centro Cultural dos Correios, and Casa Franca of Brazil. Usually, various exhibitions held in this place for free.

Samba Dance

Samba Dance is a dance that is very popular. This dance is at first you can only find in places classy. but at this time, you do not need to worry because you can find people dancing Samba in some corners of the city for free.
Rua do Ouvidor or Ouvidor Street, located in the city center is one arena that you can visit to enjoy Samba Dance. They usually demonstrates Dancing Samba on Wednesday and Saturday while the Pedra do Sal, a spot in downtown Saude are paying to Dance Samba on Monday and Friday.

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