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Endless Goa, Goa Lokale - Wamena, Irian Jaya

Located at the foot of the mountain, Usilimo District offers the charm of green with beautiful natural attractions of Goa. No half-hearted, two attractions are located in the district of Goa including Goa Usilimo Sikepalki Lokale and Goa.

Attractions: Location Lokale Goa is a cave that goes deep and up to now not known for certain depths. Panorama of stalactites and stalagmites that are bentukkan of the process of CaCO3 limestone and form a funnel that stands out towards the cave floor.

alan cave entrance to the site in tumbuhi Usilimo Lokale in high Pinus trees with a garden retreat that has been built by the owner of the site, so that not only offers a panoramic view of the cave that can be visited, but also a place berekrasi with colleagues as well as a resort attraction.

Places of Interest tumbuhi lush trees and provided also about 12 small pavilion that can be used to relax with family or relatives bersama.Selain especially for lunch, it also provided seluar 10x20m of land that can be used to play games together, especially if you come up with the children and families are quite large.

It also can be used as a shooting location of the object for those who like to shoot in natural or lansecap.
Attractions: the distance from Highway about 100m, which can be taken from the heart of the city of Wamena using two-or four-wheeled vehicle about 20-30 minutes. Your satisfaction, our guarantee.

You are interested in, schedule your visit in Goa Attractions Lokale Usilimo and enjoy other facilities.

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