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White crater tour. Bandung, West Java

White Crater Festival-2 ready to make hundreds of people spellbound. The event will take place a lot of fun activities, such as cross-country race to the performing arts. Come to White crater in Bandung regency !

White Crater is an excellent tourist destination in Bandung, West Java. This place has a natural stretch of the beautiful and charming scenery. For the second time,
White Crater Festival will involve thousands of participants. The event will take place on June 6 to 15 July 2012.

"When averaged, the number of participants around 500 people a day," said Lies Bahunta, Head of Environmental Services Ecotourism and Other Business Perhutani Unit III West Java and Banten in White crater, Tuesday (07/03/2012).

Lies added, the top event on 15 July, will involve more participants. There are an estimated 1,000 people were involved and witnessed this festival.

In the festival, there will be plenty of activities ranging from Pasanggiri Tembang White crater, Wana Giri Rally (cross-country race), mass circumcision, wedding festivals, and performing arts. Sure, visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the nearby White crater.

At the peak of the event or Sunday (15/7), there will be a traditional ceremony or ritual that was held at the site. Ritual is a form of gratitude to the Creator. This festival can fill your vacation time. There pesoana natural and cultural uniqueness that you can see there.

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