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Wediombo beach in Yogyakarta, an exotic beach with its natural panorama

Wediombo beaches, maybe for the people living in surrounding areas of South Mountain, Yogyakarta is little known. However, for those who live outside Yogya, especially outside Java island, many are not aware of this coast.

Wediombo beach, located in the village Jepitu, Gunungkidul Yogyakarta. The trip to the beach can be reached during the 2 hour journey from the city of Yogyakarta.

Wedi in the Java language means sand, and ombo wide meaning, surely most people would think this means the beach has a vast expanse of sand.

This beach does not really have a vast expanse of sand, but the main attraction of this beach is, there are several sets of large rocks, pounding waves are not so great, and the white sand beach, plus value-added of this exotic beach. In addition, many people who do not know and visit this beach.

For those who have a hobby of fishing, this beach also offers you an interesting challenge. For those of you who like fishing a hobby you can fish from the rocks. Wow, a distinct sensation of course, because it meets these first had to walk eastwards along the coast to find a row of large rocks.
Way to the beach is also quite the adrenaline test. You will walk down to down some stairs, you will also pass through the locals farm fields, and Mangrove vegetation remaining
Intrigued by this beach? Please come and enjoy the exotic nature Wediombo coast.

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