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Visist Lombok Sumbawa 2012

Lombok island has now become one of the tourist icons Indonesia, The beauty of the island is second to none in Indonesia, Agreeableness Sasak people, beauty of a very white beaches, coral reefs and incredible biological richness, splendor of Mount Rinjani and cultural uniqueness sasak many invites admiration domestic and foreign tourists.
The beauty of the island of Lombok and eksotismenya will invite you and your partner to honeymoon here. Likewise with exotisme Gilis Island will also invite you to enjoy the beauty of pulauna.
This island is one of the two largest islands are owned by the Province of West Nusa Tenggara. Beauty of the landscape, making the island of Lombok to be one honeymoon destination which is also in demand. If you already know where the feet should go, the beauty of Lombok can be explored on this trip.

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