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Giant Tortoise in Jepara Kartini Beach

Tourism Kartini Beach is located 2.5 km to the west of Jepara Regency Hall. Sightseeing is located in the village Bulu Jepara district and is a natural attractions into tourist's dream.
Various supporting facilities such as docks, most aquarium turtles, motels, children's games (carousel, bath balls, boat currents), and others are available for visitors. The atmosphere around the beach is quite cool indeed gives a distinct impression for visitors, so the place is very suitable for family recreation or other leisure events.

This place is also where visitors can let go of tired of sitting under the gazebo while inhaling the fresh air with the sea wind.
there is also a row of souvenir shops sea craft which can be used as souvenirs for tourists.

Regions with an area of 3.5 ha of land is a strategic area, because as sea transportation routes to the national marine park attractions Karimunjawa and Long Island. Now is also already available means of transportation to the Publications of the KMP Kartini Beach pier. MURIA (travel time 6 hours) and Fast Ship KARTINI I (travel time 2.5 hours).

The beauty of white sand with salty water and palm tree lined high while standing slightly inclined toward the coast of Indonesia's wealth. Each course offers a variety of characteristics.

The beach which seemed to have much wider community is known to Pangandaran beach, but in addition to the beach which is located in Ciamis, Indonesia also has many other beaches are no less beautiful, one of which is Jepara Kartini beach is located in Jepara, Central Java.

Jepara is one of the districts located in Central Java, which borders directly with the Java Sea on the western side. Jepara Regency has a coastline that stretches along the north eastern coast of Central Java, with mountains on the eastern limit.

So do not be surprised if Jepara district also has many tourist attractions of the beach, one of which is the Jepara Kartini Beach.

Jepara also includes Karimunjawa. Namely, a group of islands located in the Java Sea seputaran. Commonly used means of transportation from Jepara when will visit this island ferry boats.

Speaking of Jepara, that comes to mind certainly is not the first time on tour in the form of coastal areas, but the name of a character named heroine RA Kartini.

That's what seems to inspire people of Jepara to name a beautiful beach with the name of Jepara Kartini Beach.

Jepara Kartini Beach, located adjacent to the terminal Jepara City and is two kilometers from the central government office district of Jepara. Liukan Jepara Kartini Beach has waves that sometimes great but not infrequently also small, but even more to add the beauty of the beach.

Proper tourist beaches in other areas, Jepara Kartini Beach also offers a variety of different types of tourism such as boats and motor boats which can also be used if you want to visit Karimun Islands.

In addition, Jepara Kartini Beach is also fully equipped with various facilities supporting the convenience of visitors, such as toilets and play facilities for children.

Children also seem to be comfortable for long in Kartini Beach. They certainly will not stop admiring a giant tortoise building built in the surrounding coastal areas. Building a giant tortoise are used as building oceanarium.

Inside the building, the children can play while learning. Most people also use Jepara Jepara Kartini Beach area as a place to hold a traditional ceremony called Kupatan.

Traditional event is held once a year and held a week after Lebaran holiday. At the ceremony Kupatan, buffalo head floated out to sea. Pelarungan is usually carried out by community leaders and traditional leaders.

As a tourist area, Jepara Kartini Beach may be said to have complete facilities, and its own beauty. Everything presented is unique, ranging from the waves, boats and ships, building a giant tortoise to the place of ritual ceremony.

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