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Tanah Lot, temple of the brahman

Location of Tanah Lot
Sightseeing is located in the village of Tanah Lot Kediri Tabanan Beraban District, about 13 kilo meters west of Tabanan.

History of Tanah Lot
Historically, this temple was built by a Brahmin who wander from Java. He is a successful Nirartha bali population will strengthen the confidence of Hindu teachings and build Sad Goda found in the 16th century. At that time the ruler of Tanah Lot, Bandesa Baraben, jealous of him because his followers began to leave and follow Nirartha. Baraben ordered
Danghyang Nirarta to leave Tanah Lot. He agreed and before he left the Tanah Lot with its power to move blocks of stone into the middle of the beach (not into the sea) and built temples there. He is changing the shawl into a snake temple guards. Snakes inimasih there today. The snake was still there today.

Physical Condition of Tanah Lot
Globally Tanah Lot, this situation is very clean and nice. Especially at the beach is so beautiful, we can see the temple that is located above the cliffs are so big and beautiful. Tempatnyapun so clean.
The parts of the Building of tanah Lot
At Tanah Lot Temple there are two located on a large rock. The one located on the boulder and the other located on a cliff similar to the temples ulu watu.
Fill in Building of Tanah Lot
It is a temple located in boulder it is the sacred serpent Nirartha heritage. While the temple is situated on a cliff is a temple to pray, he says if we pray there all our wishes will be granted.

Excess Objects at Tanah Lot
The advantages of the land lot is a lot of tourist attractions that will pretend to be there. Because in one of our temples to pray and we can also see the snake sacred. Moreover we can enjoy the beauty of the beach is so vast stretches.

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