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Victoria Falls the Largest Waterfall in the World, country : Zimbabwe - Zambia

A visit to the Victoria Waterfalls in Zimbabwe and Zambia is a spectacular option, once you have reached the Caprivi. Coming from Katima Mulilo you first of all get to the border to Botswana near Ngoma Bridge (75 km). And from there it is another 80 kilometres to the border to Zimbabwe at Kasane and another 90 kilometres to the Falls. The road and the border crossing are not difficult and a 4x4 is not required. Alternatively you can use the new Wanella Bridge near Katima Mulilo to cross the Zambesi River and then drive on a tarred road through Zambia up to Livingstone at the Zambian side of the Falls. It is actually the cheaper and faster way to visit the falls and Livingstone has become a major tourist centre.

The Victoria Falls were only discovered in 1855 by the explorer David Livingstone, who named them after the British monarch. With the mighty Zambesi River roaring over a two kilometres' width to eventually plunge 120 metres down, Victoria Falls are the biggest waterfalls in Africa.

The town of Victoria Falls offers all types of hotels and lodges of all price range as well as a couple of camping grounds. A scenic flight across the waterfalls is definitely recommended. Similar services are offered in Livingstone. Accommodation is actually cheaper and better there.

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