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The World wildlife of the City of Sydney

The zoo is a lot of exotic areas visited every one. Different if you travel to Sydney Wildlife World or the World wild life of the City of Sydney is a zoo located in Darling Harbor, Sydney adjacent to the Sydney Aquarium.

Sydney Wildlife World is a zoo located in Darling Harbor, Sydney holding the Sydney Aquarium. Sydney Wildlife World first opened in September 2006.

Visitors can walk the streets along the 1 km in the building area of 7000 square meters of that location. On the right and left along this road (in the glass cage) there were approximately 6000 Australian native animals; kangaroos, butterflies, reptiles, various birds, koalas and so on.

In May 2002, Sydney Aquarium Pty Ltd. announced plans to expand the area akuariumnya to establish a zoo. After the announcement of the Sydney Aquarium is changing its name to the Sydney Attractions Group. Novembwer Construction began in 2004 and completed in August 2006. This development will cost AUD $ 45 million. Sydney Wildlife World is now a competitor Taronga Zoo primary.

Sydney Wildlife World is divided into several sections demonstrating habitats different:

* Butterflies - Flutter Bys Butterfly display
* Invertebrates - Spineless Wonders takbertulang rear animals demonstrated
* Reptiles - Scales and Tails reptile animals show
* Flight Canyon - Walking on Water birds showing
* After Dark Nocturnal animals show tonight
* Semi-Arid Grasslands - Red Heart mepertunjukkan animals from arid grasslands
* Rainforest - Lush Canopy rain forest habitat display
* Wallaby Cliffs - High and Dry from the habitat of animals showing high and dry
* Koala Sanctuary - Gum Tree Gully koala animal show

Explore Sydney Wildlife World with your family and your relatives to discover the charm keeksotisan of this zoo in Sydney, Australia.

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