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Patttaya Entertainment” in Thai

To Thailand without the Pattaya? like eating vegetables without salt. that's the right phrase to describe how the need to pattaya to visit if a visit to Thailand. Yes, thailand pattaya beach is very popular.

In the area surrounding pattaya and in fact many tourist attractions, including sriracha Tiger Zoo, Elephant Village, Rose Garden, Garden Supatra Land fruit, etc..

"Sawasdee Khrap!" This is typical Thai greeting when meeting with his guest. Speech was always accompanied with a greeting and a friendly smile. A warm welcome has become one of the capital to attract people to the streets throughout the country to the elephant. From there, kindness will continue to serve their guests feel at home in order to live, of course, while hawking his money. Then back again on different occasions.

Pattaya is a famous tourist place since a few decades ago. Pattaya is a beach which forms a long curved approximately 3 km.

Location Pattaya is located between Bang-lamung district and subdistrict Sattaheeb. Many ways to go there. For example with a private car, from the city of Chonburi, you can straight follow Sukhumvit road, then through Ampoe Sriracha, Bang Lamung then toward the city of Pattaya.

If you are a public bus, you can take public bus from the terminal Ekamai, Mochit, or Sai Tai Mai. In addition you can take the train from Bangkok. There once daily trains leaving from the station Hualumpong hours 6:55 am to 10:45 Pattaya station. Pattaya station located outside the city of Pattaya, which is near the Pattaya Nok (outer).

Pattaya City is divided into 4 parts namely Na Klur, Pattaya North (Nua), the central Pattaya (Klang), South Pattaya (Taii) and coastal areas. Each part has different characteristics. The tourists can choose a place of interest. For example:

1.Pattaya North (Nua), Central Pattaya (Klang). This region is the old area. Many old and new hotels in this area. Fairly good water conditions. Many fishing activities in this area.

2.South Pattaya is the center of commerce, many shops, Thai and international restaurants. Is the playground of water sports activities like water skiing, banana boats and night sights. this place is crowded because there are many foreign tourists. At night there are many shops on the roadside such as clothing stores, clock, jewelry, places of entertainment.

3.Jom Tiean beach located south of Pattaya is approximately 4 km. 6 km long beach. There is a road on the beach. Sea water suitable for tourists who like swimming and water sports, especially winsurf. Or for tourists who just want to relax alone.

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