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Kartini Beach

Tourism Object Kartini Beach is located 2.5 km to the west of the Pendopo Jepara regency. This tourism object in Jepara district Fur village and the natural attractions of the desires of tourists. Various supporting facilities such as docks, some turtles aquarium, motel, children's games (carousel, bath balls, boats currents), and others have been available for the visitors. The atmosphere around the beach was cool enough to give impression to visitors, so this is perfect place for family recreation or leisure event was also lainnya.Ditempat visitors can release tired of sitting under the gazebo with a breath of fresh air with the sea wind blow .
Area with 3.5 ha area is a strategic area, because as the sea transportation routes to the sea park attractions and the National Karimunjawa Long Island. Now is also readily available means of transportation to the Publications of the Kartini Beach pier is NMC. Muria (5 hours travel time) and Quick Ship KARTINI I (2.5 hours travel time).
Also Kartini Beach could not escape from a traditional event called "Lomban". This event is a community owned cultural event Jepara regency, which lasted for exactly 1 day, on Shawwal 8 or the week after Hari Raya Idul Fitri.


Actually the name of Kartini Beach attractions better known as "baths" direct their minds fixed on one purpose of Kartini Beach, not the other attractions.
Kartini Beach JeparaIstilah "bathhouse" comes from the word "SHOWER" which implies "a place to bathe".
Use of the word would be appropriate, because the area attractions Kartini Beach is a special place for visitors to bathe at the time was visiting. The place is suitable for bathing because the water is very clear and clean beach locations are also located some distance away from the crowds of visitors.
Location of the precise place in most parts of the west coast and by the community known as "Poncol". Usually the visitors to bathe in this place at dawn and at dusk the evening and see the beauty of the sunset. Until now this location is still used for bathing the patients skin itch, & arthritic pain in the hope of immediate recovery.
While it was reported that the complex had Kartini Beach is an island that many overgrown grove kelor plants, so the island known as Pulau kelor. Kelor that time still a separate island to the mainland in Jepara.
Therefore sedimentas process, then over time between the islands were united. Kelor Island was inhabited by a named Encik Lanang Malays for his services in helping the Dutch in the war Bali.

Kartini Beach in the same complex as well as the burial place Encik Lanang and until now the tomb is always diziarahi by fishermen before the party lasted Lomban.
In addition Kartini Beach is also the historical evidence will not loose / lost from the personal life of Kartini wanits emancipation. The beach is located not so far from the residence (Pendopo County) where he grew up it was once a popular tourist destination for families / relatives District to relax and unwind.
On this coast also RA Kartini common childhood playing and joking together ria brother. Ahirnya as an expression of appreciation and to remember the greatness of the struggle of RA Kartini beach is called "BEACH KARTINI".

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