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Senegal, Friendly Lion Country

Hear the word Africa, is pictured is a country full of barren desert, community groups and tribal armed conflict.

However, the picture changes completely when you enter the countr
y senegal tourism.

Tall buildings lined white looks neat wide highway flanked nan deserted. Meanwhile in the main corners of the famous Dakar rally with his sports seemed orderly rows of trees in the park tidy, lungs, the soothing country in the summer the temperature reaches over 30 degrees celcius.

Dakar City

Dakar is a modern city, full of contemporary buildings, though in some places still standing stately buildings, the remnants of colonial-style colonial, a bit reminiscent of the Old City area in Jakarta.

Meanwhile, a row of luxury hotels such as the Prudent Modien, Almadies, Tonga Sofitel, Novotel, and that seemed to decorate Savana Dakar - especially around the
famous attractions of salt water lake "Lac Rose", a pink lake that is where the "finish" Rally Dakar - reinforce the impression as if globalization Dakar, as part of the world tourism chain.

Senegal is among the African countries known as the country "Les Lions de la Tonga" or "Nan Lion Country Living", located at the westernmost tip of the African continent with the conditions of the plains desert area in the north and tropical in the south.

In the past, between 17-18 centuries, Senegal is a "transshipment point" of trade activities (export) of slaves, ivory and gold, which makes this country well known by the people of Europe.

Thus, although dependent on the economic life of the agricultural sector, the country is the most advanced countries in terms of tourism activities in West Africa.

Goree Island

Especially when the mention of Goree Island.

Society glorifies Senegal Goree Island, the island can be reached from the Dakar with a 20-minute trip, though the island was dark save the country's history. Goree Island which has been defined by UNESCO as world heritage and famous in the world.

Maison des Esclaves

In the 16th century until the mid-19, Goree is a place slaves confinement. On the island there is a place called the house slave "Maison des Esclaves", where women, children, and the black man locked up before being shipped to the continental United States.

The island formerly occupied successively by the Portuguese, Dutch, French and English was a witness to history-laden meaning for Senegal.

Many heads of state, statesmen and high officials of other countries who visit to Senegal took time to visit Goree Island to see the impact and severity of the occ
upiers at that time.

Occupied by a number of countries are switching does not necessarily eliminate the cultural roots of Senegal. This was reflected in the diversity of regional languages are still used, among others Wolof (which is used most of Senegal), Pular, Soninke, Sereer, Mandinka, and Diola.

The difference was also not erode the spirit of Teranga, Senegal community hospitality greet his guests in early 2008.

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