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South Africa, The Beauty of Country of the Rainbow

Countries in Southern Africa is truly a unique charm not least in the places most popular attractions in the world. Prove yourself and feel the sensation.

Imagining the State of South Africa, perhaps only the forest and desert looming. When in fact South Africa is a beautiful country with many natural resources. Not only abundant natural wealth, the South Africans call their country as the Country of the Rainbow. In fact, 48 million people not only black but also white, yellow, brown, and so forth, and come from various parts of the world are colored with 11 different types of language.

This country used to control the white community who imposed ap
artheid policies. Meaning, they are black so only second-class citizens. But since 1994, finally abolished apartheid and brought Nelson Mandela as the first black president. They are now very uphold human rights and may receive a black history of this nation are grown together.

Located in the southern region of the African continent with an area of about 1,219,912 km2. This country has other plants are very diverse. More than 20,000 kinds of plants or about 10% of all known plants around the world. And various kinds of protected wild animals in some national parks.

Unfortunately, extreme weather changes that happened recently resulted in the average temperature in this country increased between 1 - 4 ° C and resulted in some endangered species both flora and fauna threatened with extinction.

Country of the Rainbow Keunikkan is very interesting to visit directl
y with several attractions available here, among others:

1. Religion Tourism

Although Muslims in South Africa is only 1.5% of the population, but this religion has been given its own color for this country. Largest Islamic population in South Africa is located in the area and Kampung Makassar BoKaap, Cape Town. This area is the area where the slaves, the disposal of politicians and clerics carried by the Dutch from Southeast Asia in the 17th century and the 18th. Here they form the Cape Malay community. So do not be surprised if you still hear the words berdialek Malays as "trimma kaasi" or "Barakat"

BoKaap stood in the first and oldest mosque in South Africa, namely Auwal Mosque. This mosque was founded in 1798 and diimami by Imam Abdullah Kadi Abdus Salaam or Master Teacher. From here the history of Islam in South Africa begins. The second is the Palm Tree Mosque built in 1820 is a house converted into a mosque. Mosques in the area BoKaap looks very interesting, in contrast to the housing in this area are made of colorful.

Besides the mosque, there are several important tombs of the scholars of Islam propagator called Karamat. And there are about 23 Karamat around Cape Town, one of the most famous is the tomb of Sheikh Yusuf, a major scholar, nephew of the king of Gowa, who disposed of the Netherlands and founded the village of Makassar. During his lifetime, he was actively spreading the religion of Islam and raise awareness to be free from colonialism. It turned out that awareness is recognized Nelson Mandela, inspired her to liberate South Africa from apartheid.

2.Wisata Beach

One of the most attractive tourist charms of the Cape Town area is the beach. Right at the foot of Table Mountain, or a mountain shaped like a table, there are Beach Victoria & Alfred Waterfront [Waterfront V & A]. This area is part of the Port of Table Bay, the main port in Cape Town who conjured a tourist area. What is interesting is the population of wild seals are not left alone and allowed to live side by side with a busy harbor.

Also we can find the population of penguins at Boulders Beach Beach area is located in the waters of False Bay, or East coast of the Cape Peninsula. In the natural Reserve in the area of Table Mountain National Park, there are approximately 4000 African penguin tail. Not only that. If you are lucky, from the shore we could see a group of whales to surface in the middle of the sea.

3.Wisata Safari

Currently on holiday to South Africa if you have not tried safari, or wildlife peeking directly in place. In this country there are few places on offer for safari tourists, among them the Kruger National Park. The National Park is located in the Transvaal Province, bordering Mozambique. This park has an area of up to 19,486 km2 and has 33 kinds of amphibians, 100 species of reptiles, 45 species of fish, 450 species of birds, and more than 120 species of mammals.
In addition to the trip can be continued Sabi Sand Reserve, bordering the Kruger National Park in the west. In this area is the famous leopard can be seen at close range through the Land Rovers that have been specifically provided. If you want a slightly different experience, try it on uKhalamba-Drakensberg. A national park in KwaZulu Natal which besides having a variety of flora and fauna species, also has painted historic cave inhabitants of this area of forest approximately 100,000 years ago.

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