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The story in HO CHI MINH CITY

Not many of us who have visited Vietnam and recognize the new country to war in 1975 over this. Our knowledge of Uncle Ho's country may be limited to the films made in Hollywood Vietnam War, starring Chuck Norris or Sylvester Stalone. The thought of entering a sensible country of socialism that was it scary.

That's what I imagine during the trip from Jakarta-Singapore-Ho Chi Minh City, following the first flight with Garuda Indonesia Boeing 737-300 owned by Garuda Indonesia. The shadow seemed close to reality as we landed on the runway International Airport, Tan Son Nhat, part of the building relics of the past still visible here and there.
But the shadow was dispersed, when he saw the airport rooms neat, clean and cool. The immigration officer greeted us warmly. "No visa, no visa for Indonesia," the officer said with a friendly smile, the Vietnamese government in December and had just applied for visa-free policy of ASEAN. It takes time to check our passports, and they enter data into the computer.
Exit the immigration hall, on the set of goods, there is only one of the exchange would only accept exchange of foreign currencies, primarily the U.S. dollar, the dong (Vietnamese currency) and not vice versa. Outside the airport, bustling atmosphere and similar Polonia airport in Medan. However, that was exactly it safe until we could not worried one bit. International airport Tan Son Nhat now receive flights from various parts of the world, especially from Singapore, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.
On the way to town, we see that the streets are relatively clean, here and there is still installed signs former SEA Games. Even before Christmas, when it was, the city government put shelves fir tree-shaped pots containing ornamental plants. The scenery was beautiful and interesting, especially when considering a new city outside the war 25 years ago.
Ho Chi Minh City is very dense population of approximately 6 million inhabitants. Walking the streets of this city that feels it smells capitalists. Just imagine, outside advertising space seem big along the way that promotes all things-from consumer products such as beer until the state propaganda.
Our event on arrival in Ho Chi Minh City are having lunch at a restaurant in District No. 1, center of town and tourist area. This region is highly nuanced French accent. Old buildings of European architectural style is still very well preserved. Even the iconic is the number of buildings like the Cathedral of Nortedram the red brick (is said to imitate the original cathedral in Paris) or the post office building, and city hall. In some areas even found the parks with a large mahogany tree-large. Jakarta residents for us or the big cities in Indonesia, jealous to see the areas that are still intact. Compare this with the city area in Jakarta that have been destroyed and the helter-skelter is not maintained, so that its authenticity has not looked back.
The Vietnamese colonized by the French from 1867 until 1957. Saigon became the capital of the French occupation covering an area of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam in the 19th century. Saigon City is built like a model city in France. The characteristics that still seems to present such a wide boulevard, buildings French architecture, the majority Catholic population. Even on the outskirts of the way many vendors who offer a delicious iced coffee. Saigon River which divides the city also provides the added nuance of this vibrant city.

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