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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam Tour Beauty Secrets

Tourism became one of the mainstay of Vietnam. State revenue contribution from this sector are expected to increase from year to year. Vietnam, including a successful tackle, they are even prepared to absorb foreign tourists.

This could be a threat for neighboring countries who previously worked on a successful tourism sector. Call it Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. In fact, the more serious threat.

Growth of tourism in Vietnam experienced very rapid progress began in 2006. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and Oxford Economic Forecasting, Vietnam ranks sixth. Incredible.
Held the largest tourism growth in Montenegro. Balkan country's 10.2 percent growth. China occupied second place the progress of 8.7 percent. A row followed by India (8 percent), Romania (7.9 percent), Croatia (7.6 percent), the new Vietnam (7.5 percent). Behind Latvia (7.3 percent), Maldives (7.2 percent), Albania (7 percent), and Cambodia (7 percent).

What's the secret Vietnam? They are able to optimize all of which have tourism potential. Vietnam opened the door wide open for foreign investment, including in the tourism sector. Thus, the tourism industry in the tourist centers of thriving, and more satisfying. In fact, tourism in Vietnam increasingly become the reference world.

Cu Chi tunnels, for example, continue to promote the Vietnamese government. Tunnels during the war to 10,000 Vietcong hiding places that did have a dramatic story. Therefore, the tunnel was also the key to victory of Vietnam against the United States is helping the government of the Republic of South Vietnam.

In this place, the packaging is made like the original tour. Lives of the Vietcong during the war could ditapak tilas. Hiding holes made attractions to show the employees. Vietnamese soldier dolls were also made in some corners, so that such nuances are still in an atmosphere of war.

The most important thing again, very satisfactory service. Hygiene also appeared stressed and guaranteed the best possible security. There are some thugs dressed in police, unseen. If at any time there is a criminal, then the direct meraka action. That is also why, perpetrators of crimes thought to action 1000 times, not knowing where the police are.

Historic buildings bleak Cathedral, Palace of Unification, the post office, pagodas, also a mainstay. That's all there in Ho Chi Minh City, or South Vietnam. In Hanoi as the capital, also many resorts are developed.

Halong Bay became the main campaign. Moreover, the islands and rocks in the sea would become one of the conservation of the UN-protected world.

Vietnam is also good at optimizing their rivers become attractions, such as Saigon and the Mekong River.

The presence of foreign investors making tourism sector in Vietnam is very good. Until now, there are 92 tourism companies both local and foreign.

In the Saigon River, for example, there are several foreign-owned ships that provide tourism services. Usually they provide a package of restaurants. So, eating up the river for two hours. During the ship, visitors were entertained band, magic, and other attractions.

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