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Semarang (13/11). Perwakilan warga desa Sidomukti Kec. Weleri mendatangi pengandilan negeri tipikor semarang untuk mendukung Kepala desa dan perangkat desa yang akan sidang kasus dugaan pungli Program PTSL
Diketahui sebelumnya Panitia PTSL 2017 desa Sidomukti ditetapkan sebagai tersangka karena telah menarik uang untuk biaya PSTL.

Kurang lebih 20  perwakilan warga datang untuk ikut menyaksikan sidang dan mendukung perangkat desa. Perwakilan desa ini berharap sidang berjalan lancar dan ada keadilan untuk perangkat desa nya.

" kami berharap Pak kades dan jajaran yg terikat kasus ini dibebaskan. Karena kami merasa ikhlas ditarik uang untuk pegurusan sertifikat. Daripada kami mengurus sendiri yg biayanya sangat besar. Kami akan terus kawal sidang ini bahkan akan datang lebih banyak lagi warga untuk mendukung Kepala Desa Kami."

Agenda Sidang sendiri dijadwalkan menghadirkan 3 orang saksi dadi terlapor dan 2 orang saksi dari pelapor. Namun 2 orang saksi pelapor tidak datang.

Masyarakat menilai penarikan uang untuk program PSTL tahun 2017 itu sudah sesuai karena masyarakat juga dilibatkan dalam musyawarah untuk penentuannya.

Seperti diketahui bahwa program PSTL tahun 2017 desa Sidomukti memang dilakukan sebelum adanya aturan ( SKB 3 menteri )
tentang besarnya penarikan program PSTL. Sehingga pemerintah desa menetapkan harga melalui musyawarah dengan warga yg ingin mengikuti program ini.
Namun dalam prakreknya program ini dikerjakan hingga Aturan (SKB 3 Menteri ) muncul sehingga Panitia mengembalikan  sebagiab uang warga.

Reporter : Tan

Tourist areas are worth a visit on the island of Lombok

Where your goal, if you have the opportunity to visit the island of Lombok? If you do not have a definite goal, according to a friend who lives in the town of Mataram, to have a period of 2 (two) days can visit all the tourist areas in Lombok, of course minus the Rinjani mountain climbing or stay on the island of Gili Trawangan.

Below I will present some areas that are well worth a visit (although I have not had time to visit all of them), according to tourism brochure that I got from my hotel:

1. Suranadi. Here there are hotels complete with heated swimming pool and tennis court. There is also the oldest Hindu temple, located 17 km if the ride vehicle from Mataram city.

2. Lingsar. Temples with sacred fish in the pond, the location of 9 km by driving from the city of Mataram.

3. Narmada. Lombok Botanical Gardens, with a swimming pool, and there are Hindu temples are often used for Hindu worship, location 12 km by road from the city of Mataram.

Towards sunset at Pura Batu Bolong, Lombokmatahari-buried-in-stone-temple-bolong.jpg

4. Batu Bolong. There is a temple upon a rock that juts into the sea, if the weather is sunny and could see Mount Agung in Bali, and nice to see the scenery at sunset. Location 8 km by road from the city of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obliged to wear a yellow ribbon of fabric (can be rented on site), fitted waist. The view here is magnificent, the sea broke through the rock between the holes, making a sound gemerosak. Unfortunately when I came here, the weather is still cloudy after it rains, but the scenery is beautiful. The sun peeking between clouds, and the light reflected off the falling water.


Mostly before sunset at Senggigi beach

5. Senggigi. Natural white sandy beaches are clean, surrounded by hotels, guesthouses and bungalows. Very beautiful, especially if time is sunrise and sunset. Location 10 km by road from the city of Mataram. Many souvenir hawkers on the beach, a freshwater cultured pearl colored, ranging from the price Rp.25.000, - Also vendors shirt that read Lombok and Senggigi, Lombok and distinctive engraving on wood, can be a place of fruit, masks and others.

6. Sire Beach. Marine parks with exotic coral and fish swimming to and fro. Located 36 km by road from the city of Mataram.

7. Gili Air, Gili Meno and Gili Trawangan. Lombok Island in northern heaven, surrounded by marine park. Here many people diving or surfing. On the island, there are many hotels and inns, so they can stay here, the beach is still the original. To reach this location can use a motor boat.

8. Sukarare. The village where the weave, here if you want to buy the traditional woven cloth Lombok, as well as see how the weavers do the job. Location 25 km by road from the city of Mataram.

9. Rambitan / Sade. The original village of Lombok, Sasak tribe with traditional houses, location 50 km by road from the city of Mataram.

10. Kuta / Tanjung Aan. Mandalika beach with sparkling lights, where we could swim, there is a hotel and restaurant. Every year there is a celebration caught / saw Nyale fish, location 56 km by road from the city of Mataram.

11. Mataram. Mataram is the capital of the province of West Nusa Tenggara. While Ampenan an old port city (now moved to Sheet). City Ampenan distinctively ancient architecture, which when cleaned and cared for properly, will be a popular tourist destination. In the city of Mataram (which has become an integral part of cities and towns Ampenan Cakranegara) culinary tour we can, by eating foods that Lombok is his trademark spicy. In Jakarta we often see Taliwang restaurant, which turned out to Taliwang is the name of a region, which was initially a lot of food vendors in the area is typical of Lombok. Lombok typical food, among others: Plecing kale, chicken plecingan, the range chicken (spicy chicken marinade once), sambal beberok. Plecing proved to be the name of the dish, so it is known that given the spinach dishes / cooked flavor plecing, plecing cooked chicken (spicy flavored chicken, silenced, baked / fried, then given more spicy). Beberok sauce is a sauce made from purple eggplant slices, sliced ​​onions, sliced ​​tomatoes and peppers, served with other traditional foods Lombok. Typical drink is coconut honey, made up of young head water and young coconut shreded-shredded and given honey. To buy souvenirs typical woven cloth Lombok, can Cilinaya Shopping Centre.

12. Cakranegara. Is a business city, there are agricultural markets, bird markets, and springs Mayura and Meru temple, the largest temple in Lombok. Cakranegara reputedly was once a former kingdom, but the former kingdom (the site) is not recognizable. If you want a gift of food, it can buy fried chicken legs, salted eggs and a variety of sweets from seaweed.

Note: A trip to the city of Mataram, can be reached by planes from Jakarta. Mileage 4 hours if transit in Yogya or Surabaya, but when direct (Garuda flight from The Lombok International Airport morning) only to within 1 hour 33 minutes.

Situation of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Manado

Manado is one of the tourist cities in Indonesia. Exotic islands that make the tourists in the country and abroad flocked to enjoy the natural beauty of Manado owned.

However, it is common knowledge to people that women Manado Manado is a "salable commodity" outside the region as well as for the newcomers. With the state of the tourists who like this will only lead to more open access to commercially sexually exploit children.
Specifically to the city of Manado can be revealed that this region is an area that has been the area of origin, transit and destination for trafficking. Manado city by migrants outside always provide feedback and suggest that this region has a characteristic and uniqueness that makes any newcomer feel amazed, because the people of Manado has properties that are very friendly and open. But behind it all there are many immigrants who come to Manado only for the purpose of sex tourism. By naked eyes we can see the youth association in the city of Manado dusk till dawn which was very alarming. Many means of entertainment Pub, Disco, Karaoke in Manado has fueled the youth to enjoy the entertainment facilities. In fact many are certain elements that utilize age children and adolescents to be wooed and coaxed and adults are invited into the environment that can change the mindset of children and youth to turn towards the truth is still not feasible.
Cause these kids is caught CSEC motivation to look for money in terms of income due to dropping out of school; additional income and for the interaction between friends. The tendency of the victims when interviewed made clear that all of them do not live at home and just boarding, because they generally are migrants from outside the school and college Manado in Manado. The main reason is due to economic factors, but in fact the tendency of city lifestyle has influenced the victim to want the money pretty much, so they can be together with her other friends to get entertained by watching or visiting discotheques. Was originated from the desire to come and go to places of entertainment they are able to become acquainted with many people, especially men who have ensnared unwittingly them to become victims of CSEC.
Judging from the background of the age of the victim turns 18 years old this case dominated by the percentage of 50% of all cases, however, the age of 17 years is quite a lot with the percentage of 36%. But it turns out that very young age that it was 15 years and 16% at 2 years of 12% already there who are victims of CSEC.

When viewed from the educational backgrounds of most of the victims turned out to victims of CSEC, 62% had high school, and each student and junior high as 16%, while no longer in school by 6%.

Problems of early marriage, which is assumed to also affect a person trapped in CSEC is not found in this case. All of the victims are those who have never been married. In a very early age most of them are still undergoing school and college. For those who are not in school anymore motivation that there are likely more in an attempt to get money.
Cultural stereotype that has been providing the people of Manado encourage outsiders to come to Manado only in order to enjoy sex tourism to be promoted covertly by the manager of the hotel, lodging and entertainment venues.

The modus operandi of the perpetrators was to "ensnare" the children are victims of CSEC in Mando is as follows:

• The role of taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi in the city of Manado big enough to be a "broker" in the business of CSEC. The taxi drivers and taxis generally have known residence of the victim, because the taxi drivers and taxis often wait or "hung" around entertainment areas and the hotel until late at night between the hours of 01:00 until 02:30, so the frequency is high enough to meet.
When they are in place and pub entertainment, general entertainment and pub owners already know and know well the victims, so that the "supervisor" or "pimp" or "GM" is ready to be a "broker" in a transaction with the victim. They generally have separate names in entertainment everywhere they go, and the name will be different if they were in other places of entertainment. Because the perpetrators of CSEC every month they will move where, but the location of the transaction is often used as a way boulevard surrounding area.
Besides that, for hotel managers in the city of Manado honestly have a list and addresses of the perpetrators of CSEC are kept private and confidential, so if in the future they need actors for entertainment customers, it will be immediately available perpetrators dihubungi.Kecenderungan through the data are usually 78% of their activity after carrying out transactions in the hotel in the city of Manado and 14% in place of lodging. According to them, those who get the advantage of "broker" in the entertainment venues and pubs, taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi. For general motorcycle taxi drivers and they ask for a tip of the actors, and even some who claim to get a "bonus" if the sex offender is able to give customers a good enough reward.

Following up on the law on human trafficking crime number 21 of 2007 which followed up with the publication of Regulation Manado City level on Protection of Children from Commercial Sexual Exploitation, seeking a unified policy on the prevention of trafficking and the trafficking of minors for commercial sexual purposes across district / city ​​in North Sulawesi, Minahasa especially with trade suppliers who have indicated to the city of Manado. Attempted to conduct anti-trafficking program involving school-age children ranging from junior high through high school.

culinary tour lombok

Lombok, the beautiful little island just throw the boat from Bali. The place I was born, a place famous for its beautiful beaches besides also famous for its spiciness cooking. Who is not familiar with spicy dried chillies are dried in an oven Lombok became nan food ingredients Taliwang spicy chicken and spinach pelecing. Popularity Taliwang chicken and spinach pelecing as "obscure" the culinary riches of others on the island of Lombok. One of my favorite is the satay AMPET. Sate AMPET actually very easy to find throughout the city of Mataram. Many peddled around to surrounding housing, by using the "basket" contains dozens of ato hundreds skewer complete with bakarannya and belayak. "Basket" is carried on the head. Usually the seller also complement pelecing wares with kale. Belayak Lombok Island is typical rice cake wrapped in banana leaves but not with palm leaves (leaf). Stud me to satay skewers AMPET is a collection of vendors in tourist areas AMPET Suranadi. Suranadi first is his Ground Mataram. It is not too far from the city of Mataram makes it one of the favorite places to "escape" from work fatigue. Back when I was a kid, the air in this place feel very cold. But now it was hot during the day, although the flow of the river flowing there still feels very cold .. nyesss .. Mothers AMPET satay vendors here are consistently using the "basket" on merchandise even though they no longer need to walk around to peddle his wares. Thanks to the government that has built a comfortable place for them hawker selling here. In the surrounding merchants AMPET satay can also be easily found by the typical food vendors Suranadi. As different types of lunkhead jackfruit lunkhead to lunkhead Sarikaya .. essentially complete .. Back to satay AMPET. Sate AMPET according to my observations have an equal level with sate kere in Jogjakarta. Sate is made of the rest of the rest of the meat (not meat the former .. but the remaining pieces of meat) which are then processed with a good ... so so delicious meal. Either cuman three, satay bowel (intestine usually beef), beef or mixed. The meat was cut into small thin tend to speed up the ripening process. Jerohannya quality was not playing games, intestine that had been cleaned and cut into small portions then ditusuki easy to eat .. very tempting. Process is simple, select your satay then the seller will burn it to suit our tastes like dry or just until cooked alone. Then be washed down with a spice satay skewers AMPET are actually similar to chicken seasoning Taliwang just use coconut milk in more servings a distinguishing. How to eat it too simple, does not need a spoon or fork. Take belayak, open the wrapping part and then with the hand holding the belayak still wrapped, belayak "dicolekkan" into satay seasoning, and "hap" belayak are already "covered" spice eaten with satay skewers accompanied piece. Or it could be used in other ways, then cut open the entire belayak little small with a skewer and "Throw" in a "puddle" satay seasoning then one by one small piece belayak stabbed and eaten with the help of a skewer .... It was so delicious? Of course spicy. Seasoning orange provocative enough to describe it. Feels so trail coconut and pecans in this satay spices, belayak which tend to be "tasteless" to be the perfect companion for this spice. Whether dry or sweet tender meat of your choice any soft intestinal satay can definitely steal your heart .... Delicious ... Still in around Suranadi, there is a restaurant that has existed ever since I can remember. Eating is the name of the restaurant Suranadi. The concept of the family meal was very comfortable. We can choose to sit in a restaurant or at Saung Saung which is in the eating. The atmosphere is very family, sit down "leyeh-leyeh" at Saung under the rambutan tree while waiting for the food itself was a delight. The quality of the food, of course the quality of champions. Cooking menu had not changed since I first came here. The food at the messages in the set menu. 1 set can feed about 3-5 people depending on the capacity of the stomach and the level of "kegembulan". Each set adequately describe the diversity of food typical of Lombok Island. Each set consists of pelecing kale, glutton chicken, fried chicken, scrambled eggs, soup and chili. We can order extra fried fish or grilled fish are delicious at this place. Fried chicken do not play play. Clear chicken flavored chicken fried chicken and then fried to a dry plain. But in this simplicity lies its strength. Chicken savory salty delight. If ati ampelanya until there must always be a bone of contention for me and my brothers when I was little. Champion for me is chicken glutton. Chicken that "disuwir" little smaller then cooked in a spicy seasoning bersantan then topped with freshly squeezed lemon juice. It was spicy but not too spicy with caresses fresh coconut milk and lime kick at the end made my childhood was "brave" chicken eating glutton. ... Very impressive ... Pelecingnya? should not be asked. Pelecing kale at home with all the "kelombokannya". Watercress mataram jumbo-sized, long beans, and bean sprouts in give "stack" coconut sambal, fitted pea sauce then washed pelecing already famous ... outstanding spiciness .. klo we eat by hand do not forget to wash your hands with soap and clean clean. If not, trace the smell of hot chilli and shrimp paste will continue to "haunt" us for the next few hours. The food is just for the chili and bellied be "bold" but once we fell in love

Visit Brasil 2014

Brazil is a country with a lot of bearing the Great Soccer Players, And in Brazil to Host 2014 World Cup.
For that Brazil will be the center of world attention.
Besides, you can enjoy all the exotic tours there.
Here are the attractions and sights that you can make goals when it traveled to Brazil, as reviewed by FoxNews:

The beach in Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil, offering some of the most stunning beaches in the world, and worthy to be your destination. Go to Copabana, Ipanema, Leblon, or Vermelha Praia is located at the foot of the mountain if you want to stay in the city. Meanwhile, to get a more quiet atmosphere of the beach, you can go to visit the west coast sebalah Barra da Tijuca Beach and Recreio.
Prainha is a beach that is right for you make surfing spots. A secluded beach called Grumari who clustered around the nature reserve can also be your destination.

Parque Large and Famous Statue

Located approximately half a mile from the Botanico or botanical gardens, Parque Lage had more charm than its neighbors. This place is like a botanical garden with extensive green space stretching from the foot of Mount Corcovado. In this place also was standing very famous statue of the Statue of Christ.
In addition to the statue, another icon is the main attraction of this place is an old house and a cafe offering delicious food. In this place, you can walk around enjoying the scenery.
For approached the famous statue of Christ, you are required to pay a sum of money. Besides Parque Lage, you can visit the Parque Nacional da Tijuca is a Brazilian national park which covers 10,000 hectares ..

History of Rio de Janeiro

When Brazil had just won its independence, Rio de Janeiro was once a royal seat. The city's past can be seen from the cobbled streets in the city center.
You can see Paco Imperial or Royal Palace is the home where the Portuguese royal family once lived. In addition, you can visit the Biblioteca Nacional or National Library. In the library, you will find a wide collection of books that have been around since 1810.
Municipal Theatre is also one of the historic places in Brazil. The building is made of granite, marble, and bronze, with models of buildings like Paris opera house.
Building with other Portuguese architectural style that you should not miss, is Rua do Ouvidor and Rua do Rosario. In Rio de Janeiro was the cultural center there are three places you must visit, the Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil, Centro Cultural dos Correios, and Casa Franca of Brazil. Usually, various exhibitions held in this place for free.

Samba Dance

Samba Dance is a dance that is very popular. This dance is at first you can only find in places classy. but at this time, you do not need to worry because you can find people dancing Samba in some corners of the city for free.
Rua do Ouvidor or Ouvidor Street, located in the city center is one arena that you can visit to enjoy Samba Dance. They usually demonstrates Dancing Samba on Wednesday and Saturday while the Pedra do Sal, a spot in downtown Saude are paying to Dance Samba on Monday and Friday.

Endless Goa, Goa Lokale - Wamena, Irian Jaya

Located at the foot of the mountain, Usilimo District offers the charm of green with beautiful natural attractions of Goa. No half-hearted, two attractions are located in the district of Goa including Goa Usilimo Sikepalki Lokale and Goa.

Attractions: Location Lokale Goa is a cave that goes deep and up to now not known for certain depths. Panorama of stalactites and stalagmites that are bentukkan of the process of CaCO3 limestone and form a funnel that stands out towards the cave floor.

alan cave entrance to the site in tumbuhi Usilimo Lokale in high Pinus trees with a garden retreat that has been built by the owner of the site, so that not only offers a panoramic view of the cave that can be visited, but also a place berekrasi with colleagues as well as a resort attraction.

Places of Interest tumbuhi lush trees and provided also about 12 small pavilion that can be used to relax with family or relatives bersama.Selain especially for lunch, it also provided seluar 10x20m of land that can be used to play games together, especially if you come up with the children and families are quite large.

It also can be used as a shooting location of the object for those who like to shoot in natural or lansecap.
Attractions: the distance from Highway about 100m, which can be taken from the heart of the city of Wamena using two-or four-wheeled vehicle about 20-30 minutes. Your satisfaction, our guarantee.

You are interested in, schedule your visit in Goa Attractions Lokale Usilimo and enjoy other facilities.

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