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Pulau Penang, Malaysia. Places eliminate saturation

Penang Island, the island which he said a lot of historical and arranged such as Singapore.
So come to Penang Hill straight to the Flag. This flag hill was open from 7 am. Good come early because it's probably still quiet. We came rather late, full parking lot. Need a drive of about half an hour to find parking only. Not to mention when the hill train ticket queue, it can be allotted to two hours. Cheap ticket prices, RM 4 for adults and RM 2 for children. That one-way.

Train hill in Penang is the first train artificial hill in the entire British royal colony. Built in 1882, is a cable-drawn carriage. Very steep driveway. Maybe slope about 60 degrees. The journey from the bottom up to the top of the hill takes about half an hour by train twice. High hill about 420 m above sea level.

At the top of the hill there where tunneling. Maybe this time the hill was used as a reconnaissance into the sea. There was also a Hindu temple and mosque that is not how much. In front of Hindu temple there is an old cannon.

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