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Port Elizabeth "NELSON MANDELA BAY" or nickname FRIENDLY CITY

POrt Elizabeth or also known as the Nelson Mandela Bay is one of the most sought after tourists in South Africa. Known as the "Friendly City". Cities in Eastern Cape province is surrounded by clean beaches and is one of the port city.

The buildings there is a heritage building from the 19th century. One of them is the Opera House is a Victorian-style architecture is still in use. The city is also the richest city with a collection of buildings Noveau Art in South Africa as well as the bustling port city and as the motor industry.

Enchantment of the Eastern Cape's Nelson Mandela / Port Elizabeth. With five BIOMA who meet here, making this region the list to be visited by tourists to enjoy a variety of geographic from South Africa. There's even a rumor that the city was the inspiration for it the popular book The Lord of the Ring because of the beauty of the sunshine coast and parts of other beach unspoiled.

Initially the city was inhabited by primitive tribes Khoi and San in the near Sundays Rivers. After the British settlers arrived in 1820, this city quickly became the entrance to the British settlers to South Africa despite opposition from residents along with the original. Until 1820, Sir Rufane named this city as Port Elizabeth (in honor of his late wife Elizabeth) in India.

Data and Facts
Name: Nelson Mandela Bay / Port Elizabeth
Province: Eastern Cape
Population: 1,005,779 inhabitants
Elevation: 0 m above sea level
Geographic: Being in the shade of Algoa Bay
Climate: Sub tropical with winter rain. Having a cool air temperature between 20 C - 9 C during winter and 25 C - 17 C in summer
Economic sectors: the motor industry, Tourism

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