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Great Wall of China

Giant walls of the Great Wall of China or the Chinese (Traditional Tionghoa: 长城; Tionghoa Simple: 长城; pinyin: Chángchéng), also known in China as the Great Wall Along the 10,000 Li ¹ (万里长城; 万里长城; Wanli Chángchéng) is the longest building ever made by humans, is located in the People's Republic of China.

Great Wall of China was announced as one of the new seven wonders of the world. In addition to solid and attractive, the walls turned out to function as a cemetery. Loh? It is said that thousands of workers who died in the making of the wall are also buried in the building. The world's longest wall was built over the centuries, even until the 5th dynasty. Naturally, thousands of people died in the making of the wall.

To make this giant wall, it could take hundreds of years at the time of the emperor. Initially, it is estimated Qin Shi-huang who started building the wall, but according to the research literature, history and records, the wall has been built up before the Qin Dynasty, built exactly the first time in the Age of Warring States. Emperor Qin Shi-huang continue development and strengthening the walls that had been built earlier.

After the death of Qin Shi-huang, making this wall had stopped and only resumed in the Sui Dynasty, the last resumed again at the time of the Ming Dynasty. Great Wall forms we now see is the result of development of the Sun earlier era. The inside walls of soil mixed with bricks and rocks. The top is made the main road for China cavalry.

Great Wall of China is considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World . In 1987, this building was included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.In 2004, approximately 2 / 3 eng part of the Great Wall has been destroyed by the weather, developers and tourism. If you visit this wall, you will find the nearest designated as tourism. Today, tourists can walk with ease in various parts of the Great Wall, even though they are still advised to be careful in treading the Great Wall of China is due to the age and condition of parts of different wall. This is necessary to ensure the safety of tourists.
Before your visit to the Great Wall of China, try to read the following tips:
* The weather and the season is one of the important things to consider. Pick the right time to visit the Great Wall of China. According to experience, if the air is too hot in summer, it is not advisable to travel up the Great Wall of China. Travel will be very tiring for you in this season.
* Be careful when walking or climbed the Great Wall in China. Some specific parts received less attention to treatment that could be dangerous if not walk carefully.

Traveling alone or together with group travel, travel to the Great Wall of China is one of the tourist attractions that you have to put in the list of activities when you visit China

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