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Cape Town. Romantic Tourism in Africa

When we talk about Africa, we would be thinking about the civil war, a nest of disease, or we would imagine a barren land, which filled the desert.
but if we go to south Africa, we will see the beauty of tourism that does not lose the tourism asia, European tuorism and American tourism.
diafrika south are the beautiful tourist places of cape town. and charm One of the most interesting tour of the Cape Town area is the beach.Cape town situated at the foot of Table Mountain which is shaped like a table, there is pleasure beach area Victoria & Alfred Waterfront (V & A Waterfront).
V & A Waterfront is a colonial building that still retained its original architecture.
Cape Town is situated on the west coast of the African continent which is to be right on the Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic surface dark blue mixed sand white beaches become a major attraction for tourists.plague is why most of the coastline in the coastal area of Cape Town is a tourist area visited by many tourists from Europe during the summer (during the summer in South Africa in conjunction with the winter peak in Europe so that Europeans flocked there for warmth).

At first glance, the scene in Camps Bay will remind us of the photographs in the tourist resorts of the Mediterranean region, such as Monte Carlo in Monaco. Trip drive to the south will bring you to scenic places more beautiful. As in the city of Hout Bay in the bottom of the valley, overlooking a bay of blue water stone flanked by two hills.

This city's most beautiful scenery can be seen from Chapman's Peak Drive, the roadway at an altitude of nearly 500 meters above sea level. From that height, Hout Bay looks stuck in a bay with a stretch of the Atlantic Ocean very broad behind the hill.Other than seals, south african beach also has a rare animal is the penguin.
One of the penguin population centers in South Africa is on the beach Boulders Beach which is located in the waters of False Bay or the east coast of the Cape Peninsula. In the nature reserve area in the Table Mountain National Park, there are about 4,000 African penguins tail (Spheniscus demersus

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