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Sanur beach

Sanur beach is a place famous tourist travel on the island of Bali. This place is located just east of Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Sanur was in Badung regency. Indonesia.

Sanur Beach, the beach is famous for sunrisenya, only 6 km from Denpasar city center can be reached by car, motorbike or public transport linking the town of Sanur Denpasar.Sanur beach is the right location for surfing, especially the waves of Sanur is popular among foreign tourists. Not far off Sanur Beach is also the location of diving and snorkeling tours. Therefore friendly conditions, this dive site can be used by the divers of all levels of expertise.
Sanur beach is also known as Sunrise beach, as opposed to Kuta Beach.
Sanur own region known as the initial development of tourism in Bali with the presence of such hotel Inna Grand Bali Beach and several other first hotel in Bali at the Bali tourist was first developed.Sanur beach is very crowded in the visit by foreign and local tourists. Sundays and holidays, the place of choice for residents of Denpasar city recreation recreation while bathing in the sea.

Full moon day of the month at evening many people come to relax and bathe there, looking at the beautiful beach at night hari.Selain Sanur beach, Le Mayeur Museum also attract tourists.

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