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Mount Fuji Japanese

Mount Fuji Japanese dalah famous symbol and often depicted in art and photos ", and the visit climbers and tourists.

Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan, with a height of 3776 meters. Mount Fuji is surrounded by five lakes formed by volcanic eruptions in the past Fuji.
Mount Fuji is very beautiful when seen from a distance, especially when we visited in the spring, around the month of April, Mount Fuji will see the refreshing blue eyes, with snow on top and cherry blossoms are blooming

Mount Fuji is a volcano Stratovolcano type. Mount Fuji is estimated to form about ten thousand years ago, and last erupted in 1707, is still active despite having a low possibility of the eruption.

Mount Fuji is located on the border of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo, surrounded by three cities of Gotemba (east), Fuji-Yoshida (North) and Fujinomiya (southwest). There are five lakes surrounding Fuji mountain, formed by the eruption of Mount Fuji Lake Kawaguchi, Lake Yamanaka, Lake Sai, Lake Shoji and Lake Motosu.
Mount Fuji is also the place an attractive mountain climbing, there are two human statues were climbing a mountain.
Another scene in the form of a typical Japanese gates red, the building houses made of wood, ornamental lions along with others.

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