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Melbourne, City of Enchantment Million

When you hear about the Australian city, you must always remember the kangaroos, koalas or Opera Housenya. But it's not just limited to just what you need to know, a lot of country towns which attract kangaroos to be your destination this time, one of the city of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria state. It is located on the banks of the Yarra River and around Port Philip Bay with its beautiful beaches and water sports facilities.

The town has a population of more than 3.5 million people and is the second largest city in Australia, many have interesting tourist places with buildings that have a unique asitektur, as in Flinders Street is a colossal station or the State Library building located in the Central District Bussines, precisely at the intersection of Swanston Street and Latrobe Street.

What is interesting from the city of Melbourne is a city enjoying the beautiful scenery through the Yarra River with River Cruise boat, which serve the coffee and the free.

Yarra River

But do not just stop there, try to visit Chinatown in Little Bourke Street, because here many souvenir and clothing shops are interesting, the restaurant until the supermarkets that sell Asian products including the products there is also Indonesia here. The atmosphere is thick with oriental style makes us feel not like in Melbourne but it seemed like in China!

In addition, on the outskirts of Melbourne, about an hour away by car, can also be found Healesville Nature Reserve, which became the maintenance of more than 200 species of birds, mammals, and reptiles native to Australia.

Nature reserve covering an area 32 hectares that was opened to the public since 1934. Although three animals native to Australia's most widely known is the koala, kangaroo, and dingo (a type of wolf-like dog figure), actually a collection of Australian native animals are still many more, including platypus, mammal that lived in two worlds, water and land, which running around trying to eat at night.


Travel to Melbourne would not be separated from the business of shopping. Well .. If you want to buy souvenirs, there are several shopping centers in Melbourne a complete, one of which is the Queen Victoria Market is located on Elizabeth Street, which provides any goods. So do not be surprised if the Australians call it more than just a destination for shopping but this place has its own history for the traveler.

Queen Victoria Market is located at the northwest edge of the central district of Melbourne's economy was officially opened on March 20, 1878. Along with the passage of time, other markets also appeared along with the growing population. However, with changes in shopping patterns Melbourne residents, one by one, the markets were falling.

However, the Queen Victoria Market persisted to this day. Not surprisingly, most of the buildings located at the Queen Victoria Market is the old buildings which include historic buildings.

Markets over the age of 100 years was able to live side by side with shopping centers are equipped with other air conditioner (AC). The market is open from 06.00 it closed at 14:00 (Tuesday and Thursday), at 18:00 (Friday), at 15.00 (Saturday), and at 16:00 (Sunday). And, can be reached by using buses, trams, trains, or use a car, given the wide parking lot. That's why the Queen Victoria Market easily find breeders who sell pets, such as chickens and ducks around the pickup truck parked in the parking lot of the Queen Victoria Market.

If you can compare, Queen Victoria Market is similar to the Chatuchak Market in Bangkok, which is also known as the weekend market (weekend market). In addition to goods that were sold in a variety of markets, the price is very competitive, if you do not want to say cheap.

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