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Travel Mangrove And Proboscis Tarakan. East Kalimantan - Indonesia

Mangrove tour and Proboscis Tarakan certainly can not just be missed when you visit the town of Tarakan because besides being a mainstay in the tourist town of Tarakan, letaknyapun not as far as the eye could see, just 600 meters from the city center or intersection of Grand Tarakan Mall.

Visit a wildlife tourism in Tarakan town for a while this one will bring us to the sensation of life that the long-nosed monkey population Proboscis dubbed Tarakan. Despite having a normal body shape like a monkey, proboscis monkey apparently has a feeling that is so sensitive that the noise and the crowds can make Proboscis depressed to cause the death of said guide the tourist area of mangrove and proboscis monkeys.

Managed by the tourist area of local government tourism will be heightened by the number of visitors on Saturday and Sunday

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