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Batu Bolong, Lombok-Indonesia

There is a temple on a rockjutting into the sea, and if the weather could see Mount Agung onBali island, and great to see the scenery at sunset. Location 8 km byroad from the city of Mataram. To enter the area, then we are obligedto wear yellow ribbons of fabric (can be rented on site), whichfitted around the waist. Beautiful scenery here, the sea brokethrough the rock between the holes, making a sound gemerosak.Unfortunately when I come here, the weather is still cloudy after therain, but the scenery was beautiful. The sun peeked between theclouds, and light reflected off the sea level fell.

BatuBolong has a large stone with a perforation in it. It is located nearthe Hindu temple located on top of that when looking down on Lombokstrait would look to the majestic Mount Agung in Bali.

Aftersunbathing, relaxing and having fun in this beautiful beach, waitinguntil the afternoon to see the incredible sunsets.

DI anglebend in the road leading down to Senggigi, Lombok, that's Pura Batuflolong located. A temple that stands
the rock of the holes(cavities) and has remained firm, strong and great at the beach thisSenggigi, menyhnpan strong religious aura with its beautiful beaches.Bubbles a friendly wave as always meranku1 peaceful temple area andthe beach.

Beginning to enter the temple of his piodalanPurnamaning Kasa fell on this, or Hindus who want Tangkil pamedek (toprayers) can enter the temple melalul Bentar textured sand. On eitherside of the main gate there is a small door (betelan) barred as aside entrance or the side door.
In the left area (near thehighway), there is the hill upon which the temple stood PucaksariMelanting with some pelinggih and complementary buildings, such asMount Agung palinggih Pasimpangan, Pasimpangan Mount Rinjani, Mas AyuPasimpangan Pawedan Melanting and Bale. All around, in addition toexquisite beaches, as well as a variety of trees growing in the areanear the temple. Like the banyan tree (in Jaba side), bujut, celagi(tamarind), hibiscus (the beach), pule, and others.

Enteredthe temple area, people will be coming down the stairs first, beforepassing a few pelinggih standing around the trail to the top of thePura Batu Bolong. The first time, on the left side of the road, thereare two pelinggih (in one Penyengker). Closer to the entrance,standing (facing south), palinggih Good Balian. On the left side ofthe pelinggih it (facing west) there pelinggih Pengayengan Ratu GdeMecaling Mas.

On the left side, lined up and Bale BalePewaregan Pakemit. Through it, on the right path there Pawedan Baleand Bale Pengodal. Following behind Pelinggih Pangelukatan (palinggihits base in contact with sea water). Right across from therepalinggih pelawangan

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