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Kuta Beach on Lombok

Kuta beach to hear the word of your mind must be fixed on a beach located on the island of Bali. Well certainly not 99% so your memory will inevitably lead to Kuta beach on the island of thousand temples lies, but try to visit the small island of Lombok island Elegant nan there you will also find kuta beach with no less exotic Bali Kuta beach.

Lombok Kuta beach is a beach that has extraordinary beauty, white sandy beaches dotted with blue water with green shades in because of the underwater habitat is still preserved among them such as preservation of coral blue and red coral can be found at this place, the rather large waves also make this place as one of the surfing paradise for lovers of both the local and non local surfers.

One of the unique Kuta Lombok is a very unique white sand shaped like grains of pepper that is very difficult to find in other coastal tourist areas, grains of sand that makes most visitors feel at home for a long time on the beach. In addition to the unique sand on this beach there are also rows of towering hills of medium size, rows and rows of hills that create an elegant mix of colors between blue water and white sand beaches.

Kuta Beach Kuta Lombok is located in the Village of Central Lombok regency of West Nusa Tenggara, to issue an entrance fee and parking fee you do not bother to issue a like amount in other tourist areas, not in pungutnya parking fee and entrance fee because of non-interference of local government, but if you are a generous and you are one of those nature lovers would not hurt to spend a few dollars for the advancement of Kuta Beach Lombok is.

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