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Visiting area of Halong Bay, a view that appears is the beginning of the mangrove forest area is very spacious. mangrove forest is still maintained, and there appears to include fish or shrimp farmers.

In the area of Halong Bay, Thien Cung Grotto on the island, there is one of the world's largest reef, the reef there is a very beautiful cave. stalactite and stalagmite caves the largest in the region, Don Tien Chung.
According to the legend that is spoken by one of the guides at the cave, a young woman named May caught the eyes of the Dragon Prince and he fell in love with him. They got engaged. The wedding lasted for seven days and seven nights at the center of the cave.

In honor of their wedding, small dragons flying through a stalactite and stalagmite. Elephants, too, happy dance, snake wrapped himself like he was spinning cloth around the tree. A big elephant, dressed neatly, waiting for transporting the bride. The genie from various parts also come to attend the banquet.

"All scenes that have now been fossilized in the cave," says Ms. Thuy, a guide at the cave.

In the middle of the cave there are four large pillars supporting the "roof of heaven." (Roof of heaven). From the bottom to the top of many odd pictures of birds, fish, flowers, and even a view of human life. On the north wall of the cave a group of fairies seem to dance and sing to honor marriage.

Corals around the village there are people who are above the sea. Halong Bay Area included in the UNESCO Heritage area.

In addition to a large reef, there are also corals love, called love because of its coral like two people kissing.

According to the literature on Halong Bay, on the islands there are 435 plant species, 22 species of marine animals, and 76 species of birds. In addition there are 28 varieties of mangroves, 315 species of fish and 545 species of invertebrate animals and 234 species of coral. "Halong Bay is a beautiful natural painting,"

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