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Madain Saleh, The ancient city of saudi arabia (Trace Pride Thamood)

Madain Salih is an ancient city located in northern Hejaz (now Saudi Arabia), about 25 km from the northern town of Al-'Ula. In the 500SM to 100M, Nabatean people create grave by cutting a rock face.
Madain Salih, also known as al-Hij

Mada'in Saleh was inhabited by the Nabataean tribe 2000 years ago. Petra (located in Jordan) is the capital of the Nabataean kingdom.

Madain Saleh is the ancient city that was inhabited by the Prophet Saleh and his people As Thamud 3000 years BC, is famous for its cleverness Thamood mountains carve stone and make it as a sturdy building their homes and make a hole on the mountains as a refuge, Madain Saleh was is a valley called Al Hajra, (Surah 89: 9).

The Nabataeans were of Arab descent who became rich with their monopoly on trade in incense and spices, especially between the Eastern and Roman, Greek and Egyptian empire.

Madain Saleh before inhabited by Prophet Saleh As with his people, hundreds of years previously inhabited Ad Prophet Hud and his people, but because of the 'Ad denied the minutes of the prophet Hud, Allah destroyed them, with a powerful typhoon storms, until the buildings collapsed scattered, and many of them lying dead. (Surah 69.7)
In Madain Salih there are about 130 homes and tombs that extends about 13 kilometers.

In July 2008, UNESCO declared Madain Saleh as a World Heritage Site.
The Saudi government has set as a place to visit Madain Saleh Tour

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