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Hotel Imperial (New Delhi), The hotel has a cool art building

The hotel is included in the 10 coolest hotels in the world due to a combination of art and building his art collection is extraordinary. Some collections are spread in the hotel lobby, there is also a 4000 lithograph paper (picture writing) and the collection of awards in wartime.

The hotel has 231 rooms consisting of 43 luxurious rooms, which offer the tranquility and luxury. Each room is equipped with a private bar and refrigerator, hairdryer, TV 32 "with international channels, national newspapers, and charming bathroom.
The hotel was awarded the Southeast Asia because of a delicious dish that is offered. Menus from the menu mainstay of India, France and Italy will shake up the audience tongue, pleasure increases as each existing restaurant has its own story that unfortunately if passed. Bars are also provide wine and other selected beverages.

After a day of activities, guests can refresh themselves with a workout at the fitness center and an existing or jogging in the park's natural relaxed.

The hotel is also equipped with the Royal Room, and Emily Eden and Hodges Room, which during the 7th decade has become a meeting place of politicians of India.

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